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Elevate Your Stamps with RareStamp

Cost-Effective Minting & Keyburn tech

Due to high demand, SRC-20 minting is suffering delays as well as flooding the Conterparty DBs with non-numeric Assets. To handle this we have temporarily stopped the new minting. The Stampchain team, responsible for the development of the minting API we use in Rarestamp is focused on processing the existing minting queue (more than 2,000 mints).
The Stampchain team is also actively developing a real-time balance indexer to prevent purchases of already minted SRC-20s.
If you have initiated your SRC-20 minting, DONT WORRY. Your application is in the queue and will be processed. We thank you for your patience during these improvements.

We accept donations in Stamps, Rare Pepes and Btc: [ 18Djme8XAtKHNRM43Jc8HswucHKe57MBub ]